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 Level 60 Job Change

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PostSubject: Level 60 Job Change   Level 60 Job Change Icon_minitimeWed Sep 22, 2010 5:40 pm

As you reach level 60 you will be able to do your second Job Change Quest. When you have reached level 60 seek out Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist. Talk to him and you will be spawned to Roumen.

Part 1:

As you get to Roumen you will notice that something is wrong, but as you walk you will see Town Chief Roumenus standing by the fountain as usual. Go there and talk to him. But be careful, cause when you do Zombies will start attacking you! Defeat them and you will be done with the first part. But remember there can be a Zombie hiding between the houses in the lower part of Roumen!

When they are all dead you will be spawned in Forest of Mist. Do NOT talk to Grand Master Sean again. If you do you will get spawned to the first part of JC again. Instead use a warp scroll to Roumen.

When you are in Roumen speak to Town Chief Roumenus. No this time there wont be any Zombies don't worry! Instead you will get warped to a weird place...

Part 2:

The map you will get spawned to is called Forgotten Relics. The object here is pretty simple; choose a dice by clicking on it. It should appear as highlighted (glow a little) if you clicked it correctly. When you have chosen a dice click the middle of the wheel to spin it. Now a glow will appear underneath the dices. If the glow stops under the dice you choose a door which is in front of you will open. If you choose the wrong dice mobs will appear and you will have to kill them. But lets say you got the correct dice on your first try! Proceed through the door!

Here you will meet the boss of the Forgotten Relics. It's Gambling King Joker! Kill him, it should be pretty easy, and get his drop! This item is important, if you do not collect it you will have to do this part over again! Once you are done you will get spawned in Roumen once again. Speak to Town Chief Roumenus and you are getting warped one last time...

Part 3:

You will get spawned to what looks like a dark Ancient Elven Woods. On your screen you will see a red notice telling you to find people in the need of help (something like it lol). Just walk along the path and turn right. Here you will meet to NPCs; Hero Roumen Elf Chief Elderine. It will be your job to help these two to fight off the horde of mobs that will spawn for the next 5 minutes.

Use AoE skills as much as possible here! Don't let them die! For Clerics I recommend you run to the mobs and use Heal/Rejuvenate a lot, this can cause the mobs to aggro you instead!

After 5 minutes you will be done and Hero Roumen Elf Chief Elderine will thank you by giving you a Necklace. Bring this necklace to Town Chief Roumenus and your Class will be changed, congratulations!

HawkArcher - Scout
WizMage - Enchanter
CleverFighter - Warrior
HighCleric - Paladin

-All credit for this guide goes to [Admin]Tomoyo
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PostSubject: Re: Level 60 Job Change   Level 60 Job Change Icon_minitimeWed Sep 22, 2010 5:40 pm

Also Noted
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PostSubject: Re: Level 60 Job Change   Level 60 Job Change Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 11:13 am

Lol Fiesta Wiki Ftw?
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PostSubject: Re: Level 60 Job Change   Level 60 Job Change Icon_minitime

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Level 60 Job Change
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