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 Some Chat commands

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PostSubject: Some Chat commands   Some Chat commands Icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 4:46 pm

These commands can be really useful if you have never understood what some of them mean.

Chat Commands and Short Cuts

/s to shout. (Must be at least level 6+ to shout)
/w (name) to whisper. Most of the time if you're already in a current conversation, the name will be there automatically after you've typed /w.
/r to reply to the last whisper.
/p to talk to your party.
/g to talk to your guild.
/invite (name) to invite that person to your party.
/trade (name) to trade with that selected person.
/a to talk in the guild academy (guild members can see the chat too).

Action Shortcuts These will cause your character to do the specified emoticon action.

{{(>_<)}} - Angry

>.< - Angry

(Y.Y) - Cry

T.T - Cry

Q.Q - Cry

(hi) - Greetings

m(_ _)m - Greetings

(*^_^*) - Happy

^o^ - Happy

(^_^) - Laugh

^.^ - Laugh

(u.u) - Laugh

^^ - Laugh

^-^ - Laugh

^_^ - Laugh

^0^ - Laugh

(gogo) - Charge

Q(^.^Q) - Charge

(orz) - Frustrated

(OTZ) - Frustrated

(X_X) - Frustrated

?:? - Surprised

o_o - Surprised

?o? - Surprised

(@_@) - Surprised

(0.0) - Surprised

(00) - Surprised

(OO) - Surprised

(oo) - Surprised


Home to enter your house.

h used to open the mini house menu

b to open vendor mode.

q to use HP stones.

e to use SP stones.

w to go forward.

s to go back.

a to go left.

d to go right.

z to walk.

f to open your community box.

c to open your character window.

esc to open the game settings window.

Page Up to zoom in.

Page Down to zoom out.

i to open your inventory.

m to open the mini map (map of the area you are currently in).

u to open the world map.

l to open the quest window.

v to open the actions window.

k to open the skill window.

If you do not like how one of these commands are placed , you can simply change them from the controls.They can always be reset back to default.


AFK Away from Keyboard

AoE Area of Effect

BG Battleground

BRB Be Right Back

BZ Battlezone

Clank/'Cl'ank Cleric Tank

DC disconnect

DD Damage Dealer/DDS Damage Dealers

DoT Damage Over Time

DpS Damage Per Second

FB Fire Bolt

FN Frost Nova (level 60 mage AoE skill)

GK Goblin King

GGK Giant Goblin King (lvl 40 boss monster)

GH Giant Harpy (lvl 70 boss monster)

GM Game Moderator/Master

GOC Giant Orc Captain (lvl 60 boss monster)

HP Health Points

KKP King Kong Phino (King Kong Phino kingdom quest boss)

KM King Marlone (level 20 boss monster)

Mank/'M'ank Mage Tank

MM Magic Missile

NP Natures Protection (archer skill)

rev/rez Revive/Resurrect

SP Spirit Points

Tarch/'T'arch/Tark Tanking Archer

TK Torturer King (lvl 50 boss monster)

ZM Zombie Master

ZK Zombie King (lvl 30 boss monster) / Zombie Knight (lvl 30 elite monster)

Map Names Abbreviations

AEW Ancient Elven Woods

BoD Bondage of Darkness (dungeon)

BH Burning Hill

BR Burning Rock

CP Collapsed Prison (or Concealed Peak - a dungeon)

DC Dragon's Cave

DotA Dungeon of the Abyss (dungeon)

DP2 Dark Passage II

FoM Forest of Mist

FoS Forest of Slumber

FoT Forest of Tides

GC Goblin Camp

GotD Graveyard of the Dead (dungeon)

HT Helga's Tomb

LoT Land of Trials

LS/LS1/LS2 Luminous Stone/Luminous Stone 1/Luminous Stone 2 (dungeon)

MT Moonlight Tomb

PotA Passage of the Abyss (dungeon)

SEG Scaffold Execution Ground

SH Sand Hill

SoG Sea of Greed

TR Trumpy Remains (dungeon)

VT Vine Tomb

Respawn Map

There is a set place that characters respawn to when they die.

* Cave of Echo
* Forest of Tides
* Sea of Greed
* Sand Beach


* Burning Hill
* Cave of Wind
* Collapse Prison
* Concealed Prison
* Goblin Camp
* Scaffold Execution Ground
* Moonlight Tomb
* Vine Tomb


* Ancient Elven Woods
* Burning Rock
* Forest of Slumber
* Golden Cave
* Swamp of Dawn
* Temple of Spirit

Forest of Mist

* Forest of Mist
* Luminous Stone

Sand Hill

* Sand Hill

Alberstol Ruins

* Alberstol Ruins
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Some Chat commands
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