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 Stat builds.

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PostSubject: Stat builds.   Stat builds. Icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 4:37 pm

People new to Fiesta?Haven't found the correct build for the class your following?Then this is the guide for you!

Firstly let's go through with what each of the stat points helps with

Str Strength - Increases Physical Attack Power
End Endurance - Increases Max HP, Block Rate, and Physical Defense
Dex Dexterity - Increases Evasion and Aim
Int Intelligence - Increases Magical Damage
Spr Spirit - Increases Max SP, Critical Rate, and Magical Defense

If you would like to max out one of the stat points,this is what each one of them would look like :

Pure STR will give an additional of +162 Damage
Pure END will give a bonus of +10.25% Block Rate; +67.5 Defense; +675 Hit Points
Pure DEX gives +18.5% Evasion Rate; +28.8% Aim Rate
Pure INT which is mostly use by mages is exactly the same as STR but for magical hits and gives +162 Magic Damage
Pure SPR +16.5% Crit Rate; +67.5 Magic Defense; +675 Spirit Points

INT will give +1,2 additional Damage per free stat point
STR will give +1,2 additional Damage per free stat point
END will give from lvls 1-50 +0,1 Block Rate and +5 HP . From lvls 50+ it gives 0,05% block rate and 5 HP per free stat point
DEX is all about evasion from lvls 1 - 50 it will give you +0,2 Dodge and +0,3 Aim over lvl 50 you get +0,1 Dodge and +0,2 aim per free stat point
SPR is all about Evasion it gives +0,2 AIM per free stat point IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SPR : If you want to have a better critical rate you should get your SPR only up to 25.If your SPR increases 25 then your critical rate drops dramatically.So if your only putting stat points on SPR keep it to 25.

You get 1 free stat point every time you lvl up. The 1st jobchange will give you 5 free stat points. The 2nd jobchange gives 10 free stat points and the 3rd one gives 15 free stat points.

Best stat builds for each class.
Archer : If you are a PvE archer (Player vs Environment) i suggest you go 25 on SPR and the rest END . If you are a PvP archer ( Player vs Player) i suggest you go full STR.

Fighter : Fighters are the best class to experiment on builds.It's hard to pick a build because most of them work real good.If you want to be an ownage machine in PvP then you have nothing else to do than pick full STR.A PvE fighter would go either full END or full DEX.In private servers i suggest full DEX because the level capacity is increased and you can add more stat points than what the normal Fiesta allows you to.You also have a higher chance of getting good blues or greens that can also add DEX and maybe you can get a high enough evasion rate that even Helga miss on you o.0 I do not suggest SPR on fighters and of course not INT

Cleric : Clerics are supportive classes.It's all about staying alive.CLERICS DONT DIE.So i suggest you go full END.

Mages : 25 SPR and the rest INT is best mage build.If you are new to Fiesta you will notice that your mage dies very very easy in the first levels, and you might think of putting some END on him so he is not that squishy.That is a very big mistake.Never ever put END on a mage.And of course no STR that would be epic fail.

If you have to suggest any better builds for these classes please leave a comment below.

I suggest you guys a very useful tool a guy from outspark once made.It is a free stat emulator and allows you to check what the best builds are.You can find it here : http://www.fiestafan.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1964

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PostSubject: Re: Stat builds.   Stat builds. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 11:14 am

Nice but should've put all credit goes to fiestafan.com
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Stat builds.
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